Aishwarya is a Senior Consultant in the Integration department, specializing in various integration platforms such as Boomi, Mulesoft, and Celigo. She is currently working on a Mulesoft project for client Crunchyroll, leveraging her expertise to ensure seamless integration between systems and optimize business processes. This project requires Aishwarya to integrate Sony and Rightsline systems using Mulesoft. She is excited about this opportunity to collaborate with high-profile companies and gain insights into their business operations and requirements. Additionally, she is eager to expand her knowledge by learning how to integrate and communicate with various systems to effectively serve clients.

Aishwarya’s journey with Tvarana began when the company visited her university for campus placements. Inspired by the recruiters’ presentation, she aspired to join Tvarana and was selected for an internship during her final semester. During her internship, she was impressed by Tvarana’s supportive work environment and the commitment of its employees. After completing her exams, she returned to Tvarana to start her professional career as a full-time employee.

Starting her career journey at Tvarana has deeply influenced both her professional growth and personal development. The work culture cultivated a strong sense of dedication and commitment within her, elevating her professional skills. Collaborating with her team members, especially during the initial projects in Boomi, exposed her to invaluable learning experiences about new platforms. On a personal note, Tvarana taught her the importance of effective time management, enabling her to maintain a healthy balance between her work responsibilities and personal life.

Professionally, Aishwarya is keen on learning new systems and integration platforms. Personally, she enjoys exploring new food recipes at various restaurants, cafes, and cuisines, as well as traveling to new places.

One of her favorite movies is the Avengers series, and she enjoys action, thriller, and comedy films. Aishwarya loves watching the TV show “Friends” and often revisits the same episodes multiple times. It serves as her go-to stress reliever, offering comfort and relaxation whenever she needs it.

Her favorite childhood memory is spending summer holidays at her grandmother’s house with her cousins. They had a lot of fun playing games, doing crazy things, and talking late into the night. These cherished moments remain a treasured part of her memories. While her family doesn’t have a specific favorite tradition, they often celebrate birthdays by going out to watch movies and enjoying dinner together at a restaurant.

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