This month’s employee corner is all about Arshed Basha! Arshed is currently a Senior NetSuite Consultant at Tvarana. In this role, he works as a SuiteCommerce Developer, gathering information from clients to customize and deliver websites that meet their requirements. He is currently working on several exciting projects. One of these projects is especially interesting because he gets to personalize items based on customer-specific images to build the client’s website from scratch. For another project, he is developing a customer portal for a client through Single Sign-on and has learned a lot in the process. These opportunities are both engaging and give him an opportunity to try new things!

Arshed joined Tvarana right out of college through a campus placement program and has enjoyed being a part of the family ever since! He says that his time at the company has impacted him and motivated him to become stronger in a variety of ways. Working here has also helped him improve his decision-making skills, allowing him to navigate situations more precisely and confidently. As he continues on his career path, he draws a lot of inspiration from his father, who would always share knowledge about his business with Arshed. He appreciates his father’s positive vibes and always finds strength in them.

Outside of work, Arshed has been spending more time outside and enjoys exploring nature. He is also a big fan of watching Sci-Fi movies in his free time and loves how they take the viewer far away to imaginary worlds. Avatar is one of his favorites in the genre, and he can’t wait for the sequels to be released. Arshed is also watching the current IPL season on TV. Watching these cricket matches is always exciting, and he shares that there have even been a few that kept him on the edge of his seat the entire time! He also keeps up with celebrating special traditions with his family, and especially enjoys Ramadan, which is a festival that comes after 30 days of intensive fasting. Every year, when the fasting period is over, his family meets up to enjoy delicious food and spend time together.

We are proud of Arshed’s hard work and excited to see what he does next! If you’d like to learn more about our wonderful team, check out some of our past employee corner blogs below:

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