Meet Devasmitha Reddy, a Practice Lead at Tvarana specializing in Marketo services and marketing automation. Devasmitha returned to India after living in the US for 10 years to be closer to her family. Upon moving back, Devasmitha considered starting her own consulting firm but felt that she lacked the necessary resources and expertise to make it happen. Instead, she reached out to her network for opportunities in the digital marketing and automation field. Through a chance introduction, Devasmitha met Kishore Bojja, the founder of Tvarana. Impressed with her background and passion for automation, he offered her the opportunity to spearhead a new practice offering – Marketo services. At present, Devasmitha finds herself busy working on a few key projects – the first being market research to gauge the opportunity for new services in markets we operate in. Another is establishing workflows and processes to better analyze marketing campaign performance.

In the short time she has worked at Tvarana, Devasmitha has found a supportive community that has nurtured her professional growth. Reflecting on her experience, she emphasizes the importance of work culture in driving satisfaction and productivity. “Failing fast, quick learning and course correction are valued not just in principle, but truly applied in the way we work”, she notes.

Beyond her profession, Devasmitha cherishes family bonds and childhood memories. Raised in a joint family, her favorite memories center around celebrations of New Year’s Eve, where the entire extended family came together for a night of games, music, and laughter. Her favorite family tradition is celebrating Sankranthi – the festival of kites. The days leading up to the festival would stir up a sense of excitement amongst the kids, who would collect money from family elders and pool it together to buy a variety of kites. “We would get together and spend an entire evening tying knots and prepping the kites, and then finally all the music, screaming, booing and celebration across the terraces in the neighbourhood on Sankranthi!”, says Devasmitha

Reflecting on pivotal times in her life, Devasmitha recalls an incident in high school, where her father attended a parent-teacher meeting to discuss her math grades with her teacher. She wasn’t performing well, and the teacher expressed concerns that she might fail the final exam if her performance didn’t improve. Feeling embarrassed in front of her father, Devasmitha left the classroom in tears. However, what followed became a defining moment etched in her memory. Her father brushed off the teacher’s concerns, affirming his unwavering belief in his daughter’s abilities. His encouragement stayed with Devasmitha, serving as a reminder in moments of doubt. With her father’s words bolstering her confidence, she indeed aced the exam, reinforcing the importance of self-belief in achieving success.

In her downtime, Devasmitha enjoys Bollywood movies and traveling. One of her all-time favorite places to visit is Costa Rica, where she indulged in great food and fun activities amidst natural beauty.


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