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NetSuite Campus Stores Tvarana

Do you use the ‘NetSuite for Campus Stores’ module?

NetSuite offers universities the power of their cloud ERP to streamline operations, eliminate data silos and get all users working from a single source of truth. Some of the challenges universities typically face, that can be addressed by NetSuite for Campus Stores are:

  • Lack of visibility into demand and inability to forecast supply
  • Stock-outs or excess inventory
  • Manually tracking financials, orders, customers and inventory
  • Inability to cope with seasonal fluctuations


With NetSuite’s Campus Stores module, universities can:

  • Make materials for live courses available for purchase online within stipulated timeframes
  • Integrate with ebook rental platforms to lend out books to students
  • Leverage SuiteCommerce to scale operations, build a global brand and enhance customer experience
  • Automate the inventory planning process
  • Gain complete visibility into inventory and locations
  • Streamline order-to-cash 
  • Forecast seasonal demand fluctuations with accuracy

NetSuite Campus Stores Tvarana
NetSuite Campus Stores Tvarana

What can Tvarana do for universities?

  • Troubleshoot and enhance your SuiteCommerce setup
  • Optimize order-to-cash flow
  • Performance tune key record types like customers, items and sales orders
  • Support for NetSuite’s Campus Stores module


Inventory Count: Sync your bookstore inventory with NetSuite

Tvarana’s Inventory Count Suiteapp can help simplify and optimize your bookstore inventory processes

  • Cycle count: Perform regular physical inventory counts to match your inventory records
  • Item scan: Use a barcode scanner to scan inventory in real-time
  • Worksheets: Fill out your worksheet with item details, import into NetSuite to compare against data stored in the app 
  • Import: Use the Import Assistant to select saved CSV files with count data already present in NetSuite, map and import data to the app


NetSuite Campus Stores Tvarana