Tvarana APGenius AP Automation
Tvarana APGenius AP Automation

End-to-end vendor management

  • Quick and simple vendor onboarding process
  • Eliminate expensive mistakes, including those that may put your organization at legal or compliance risk with an efficient set of workflows to qualify, approve, and contract vendors
  • Configurable Vendor Portal with features like a UI for vendors to fill onboarding questionnaires, attach mandatory documents and other assessment forms
  • Configurable workflows within NetSuite to include additional steps in vendor management process
  • Built on the NetSuite platform, which unifies all business processes under one umbrella. No need to rely on third-party softwares to achieve process automation
  • Easy-to-use chat app for general queries and conflict resolution
Tvarana APGenius AP Automation OCR
Tvarana APGenius AP Automation OCR


  • Clean user interface with vital information such as profile, purchase orders, bill and payment list, and return authorization list
  • Use AI-powered OCR to enter invoice details into NetSuite and eliminate the need for manual entry
  • This technology, developed by Glynt.AI, pulls details from vendor bills and sends them to NetSuite, where a record is created
  • Intelligent OCR technology learns as it processes different document layouts, requiring no set rules or templates to accurately extract data
  • AI OCR automates up to 98% of tasks that were previously done manually
  • Vendor Statement SuiteApp integration to manage vendor payments and simplify invoice reconciliation process. Automated mailing of statements to vendors, including financial transactions such as vendor invoices, bill payments, journals and bill credits
  • Ability to process PO-based vendor bills


With an integrated document management solution, SkyDoc, APGenius allows for easy collaboration with vendors outside of the NetSuite ecosystem, secure sharing of data, files and folders. 

APGenius Upgrade List

2022.1 Features
  • Take input from the Portal and Email capture to create vendor bills with OCR
  • Enable Vendor Profile Update to update addresses, contact info, and personal info details through the Vendor Portal 
  • Update the bank details or EFT bank details of a vendor through the Vendor Portal 
2022.2 Features
  • Response type configuration for the Onboarding Questionnaire 
  • Automatic update of Vendor Record attributes for Onboarding approval 
  • Multi-Stage Onboarding
  • Directly approve Onboarding or profile change requests through Email 

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