Are you running out of space on NetSuite’s file cabinet?

Tvarana’s SkyDoc SuiteApp is a must-have for businesses using NetSuite, offering a transformative approach to document management. SkyDoc simplifies the complexities of document handling, enabling businesses to focus more on core operations and less on administrative tasks. With its robust capabilities, SkyDoc ensures that businesses can manage their documents effectively within the familiar NetSuite environment, fostering productivity and compliance effortlessly.

  1. Efficient Document Management:
    • SkyDoc stands out as one of Tvarana’s flagship products, designed specifically for NetSuite.
    • It offers a sophisticated document management solution, facilitating both internal and external document sharing.
    • With SkyDoc, you can drag and drop files, sort documents by categories, preview files, and maintain control over versioning.
    • The intuitive interface ensures seamless collaboration and easy access to critical documents.
  2. Storage Optimization:
    • Storage is crucial in cloud-based systems, affecting performance, data security, and costs.
    • SkyDoc addresses this need by providing scalable, cost-effective, and secure storage.
    • Unlike traditional solutions, SkyDoc leverages Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, ensuring robust data management.
  3. NetSuite Integration:
    • SkyDoc seamlessly integrates with NetSuite, enhancing your ERP system’s capabilities.
    • It allows you to organize documents within NetSuite’s familiar environment, streamlining workflows.
    • Whether it’s attaching files to records, managing approvals, or sharing documents with stakeholders, SkyDoc simplifies the process.
  4. Advanced Features:
    • SkyDoc offers features like line-level drag and drop, automatic folder approvals, and Docusign integration.
    • You can create folders, set access permissions, and even send documents for approval directly through the SkyDoc portal.
    • The API enables external file uploads, making it versatile for various business needs.
  5. Video Preview and More:
    • SkyDoc goes beyond basic document management.
    • It provides video previews, split-screen file previews, and subsidiary-based folders.
    • You can also scan documents using your phone and upload them directly into SkyDoc.

In summary, Tvarana’s SkyDoc SuiteApp ensures efficient collaboration, secure storage, and seamless integration within NetSuite. To learn more about SkyDoc, set up a consultation with us today.

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