Bulk Email Invoices


Follow up with Customers in One Click

Bulk Email Invoices allows you to sort by and filter your invoices and attach multiple invoices to a single email. Invoices can be emailed up to 10 recipients per customer.

Customize your Follow-Up

Customize your content by choosing the right email template. We can automate your email follow-ups by presetting email templates for your collection process.

Bulk Email Invoices Upgrade List

2020.2 Features
  • Send only open transactions in a customer statement

  • Auto-exclude invoices that have been consolidated using Consolidated Invoices from your BEI screen 

  • Exclude a customer from BEI 

  • Add date range for customer statement
    • Last one month
    • Last two months, and so on
  • Different email templates for the first, second and third customer follow-ups (third template will be used for subsequent follow-ups) 
2021.1 Features
  • Enhanced email automation process with multi-attachment feature

  • Maximum limit of records processed is now increased from 200 to 500

  • New field that shows the number of lines checked on the BEI UI page

2023.2 Features
  • Ability to include customer contacts in emails
  • Personalized dunning email templates
2021.2 Features
  • Conifguration that users the global choice to use email addresses from either transactions, or from the customer record

  • Enable/disable sending automated emails
  • Configuration to assign the author of automated emails/emails sent from BEI screen
2022.1 Features
  • New ‘sales representative’ filter on BEI screen

  • Display child invoice when parent invoice is selected
2022.2 Features
  • Use ‘merge invoice’ feature to merge multiple invoices into a single PDF
  • Store and track number of emails follow-ups sent out through BEI
  • Filter invoices based on the number of follow-ups sent
2023.1 Features
  • Setup email automation rules: Set up one time or automated email rules for invoice overdue reminders.
  • Additional columns on the BEI UI:
    • number of follow ups sent to an invoice
    • number of emails undelivered
    • number of emails sent successfully 
    • number of emails bounced
2024.1 Features
  • Phone Call Task Reminders for Sales Reps
  • Emailing Customer Statements (Excluding Invoices)
    • Efficient communication with clients through statement emails
    • Personalized email templates
  • New and Informative Dashboards

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