Tvarana’s Bulk Email Invoices, or BEI, is a SuiteApp developed on the NetSuite platform. It aims to simplify the generation and distribution of bulk transactional emails, each featuring multiple invoice attachments. Beyond this, BEI offers a range of other valuable functionalities, enhancing the overall efficiency of email-based invoicing processes.

What’s New in Version 2023.2:

Notable features of BEI 2023.2 include the capability to incorporate customer contacts in emails. This enables users to include email addresses of customer-associated contacts in dunning emails. Furthermore, the update introduces personalized dunning email templates, allowing users to select unique templates for each customer. These templates are also customizable, adding flexibility to the communication process.

Looking Ahead to 2024.1:

  1. Bulk Email Customer Statement: This feature enables users to easily send customer statements to their respective customers.
  2. Additional Columns and Filters: The new version will include extra columns and filters, enhancing user-friendliness.
  3. BEI – Phone Call: This feature allows users to create a phone call task directly from the BEI screen making the collections process easier.
  4. BEI – Multi-language: This feature is sure to provide a great customer experience by enabling businesses to send emails in the customer’s preferred language


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