Our blog today will give you an overview of Tvarana’s Built-for-NetSuite Suiteapp, Bulk Email Invoices, or BEI. Bulk Email Invoices is a productivity tool that helps accounts teams increase their collections. It is  an easy to use Suiteapp that manages the complete life cycle of an invoice from the first email to automatic follow-ups based on dunning rules. Customers can use email templates built on NetSuite with BEI. Users have the ability to filter all the open invoices, add additional contacts/email id’s, consolidate invoices into one email and send customer statements along with invoices. If you have more than 50 open invoices the suite app pays for itself in the first month. If you consider your cash is a function of the follow ups, think no further to increase your collections and control your DSO.

Effortless Dunning:

Imagine the freedom of sending invoices to multiple customers and contacts with just one click – no more tedious individual transactions. BEI simplifies your life, saving you time and effort.

Send Multiple Invoices in a Snap:

Say goodbye to the hassle of sending invoices one by one. BEI empowers you to send multiple invoices simultaneously to different customers, making multitasking a breeze. This isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about redefining how you handle your invoicing workload.

Let Automation Do the Work:

The Bulk Email Invoices automation screen is your gateway to a world of hands-free invoicing. Simply set it up once, and let BEI handle the rest. It seamlessly sends invoices to your customers according to your unique preferences and personalized email templates.

Merge and Simplify:

Tired of having to collect multiple invoice files to use for dunning? BEI has the solution. Consolidate all invoices into a single, user-friendly PDF file. This simplifies access and management, offering an organized, efficient, and clutter-free solution for handling your invoices.

Interested in testing out BEI and revolutionizing your dunning processes? Set up a consultation with us today to learn more.

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