Email-based approval systems within NetSuite or any comparable ERP framework is pivotal for several reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  • Accessibility is significantly enhanced as this feature allows approvers to conveniently review and approve requests irrespective of their location or time constraints.
  • Efficiency is markedly improved as email communication streamlines the approval process, minimizing the need for manual follow-ups or external communication channels. Consequently, tasks are expedited, ensuring timely completion.
  • Audit trails are meticulously maintained through email-based approvals, furnishing valuable documentation for compliance and accountability purposes.
  • Flexibility is achieved by involving stakeholders who lack direct access to the ERP system, such as executives or external collaborators, in approval processes via email.
  • Cost efficiency can be achieved owing to the fact that Approvers can approve requests without the need of having a NetSuite license.
  • Notifications are seamlessly integrated into email-based approvals, promptly alerting approvers to pending tasks, thereby mitigating the risk of oversight or delays in transaction processing.


At Tvarana, we have incorporated email-based approvals into two of our important features of the PortalsPro – Vendor Management Portal, aiming to enhance user experience and streamline operational workflows.


One such workflow involves Vendor Onboarding Request Approval, where an email notification is sent to the designated approver’s email address recorded in NetSuite. The approver can view request details on the email, and can approve or reject the request, thereby expediting decision-making processes.


PortalsPro Vendor Portal

Similarly, the Vendor Bill Approval workflow operates on the same principle, where email notifications are sent to appropriate approvers, facilitating swift and efficient processing of vendor bills.


PortalsPro Vendor Portal

These processes are set up to accommodate multi-level approvals, ensuring flexibility and adherence to organizational hierarchies.

Overall, these email-based approval mechanisms significantly enhance the efficiency, accessibility, and transparency of approval workflows, rendering them indispensable for organizations seeking to optimize operations and comply with internal policies and regulations.


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