The workplace is constantly changing and customer expectations continue to rise. It is critical that companies equip themselves with innovative and efficient digital tools to meet this change. While digital transformation is not a new concept, many companies fail to effectively leverage the digital tools at their disposal to keep up with the competition. Being late to the digital game can pose real problems. Using high-performing and innovative digital tools can mean time optimization, increased return on investment, improved internal and external communication, centralized information, and enhanced employee experience.

Built on the NetSuite platform, PortalsPro by Tvarana provides a single, unified platform for employees, customers, vendors and contractors. With PortalsPro:

  • Users can submit invoices, initiate payments, resolve disputes, and engage and communicate with their teams
  • AI-powered OCR can drastically reduce time spent manually entering invoice details
  • Employees can log in, review and edit their profiles, enter expenses, apply for and approve leaves, and check holiday calendars
  • Vendors and contractors can be quickly onboarded while maintaining necessary compliance
  • Customers can save on time with the convenient e-payment feature and review previous transactions
  • Users can collaborate and share data, files and folders securely


Vendor Helpdesk Features:

PortalsPro’s vendor portal additionally comes with an easy-to-use chat app for general queries and conflict resolution.

  • PortalsPro’s vendor helpdesk streamlines support requests for efficient conflict resolution
  • Vendors no longer need to email or call their procurement teams for issues or queries
  • Workflows route queries to the appropriate representative based on the issue and sub-issue type selected
  • A live chat feature helps the vendor to get their issue resolved in real-time


Tvarana PortalsPro Vendor Helpdesk


Tvarana PortalsPro Vendor Helpdesk



Vendor Helpdesk Configuration:

Configure Help Desk issue assignment to relevant team members by navigating to Vendor Management > Configurations > Config Help Desk Issue Asgmt


Tvarana PortalsPro Vendor Helpdesk

On this page team members can be assigned to different issue types in order to correctly route issues submitted by vendors through the portal. A single employee can be assigned to multiple issue-types, and one issue-type can be assigned multiple employees.


Tvarana PortalsPro Vendor Helpdesk


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