Looking for a unified and secure solution to manage vendors, contractors, customers and employees in NetSuite? PortalsPro is the perfect solution in a single application.

With PortalsPro:

  • You can manage vendors – from onboarding to offboarding 
  • You can share and collaborate with users outside of the NetSuite ecosystem
  • You can request quotes (RFQ) from prospective vendors 


PortalsPro’s vendor portal can help greatly improve vendor management processes and relationships. PortalsPro configurations can be divided into five sections –

  • Configure Questionnaires
  • Email Templates
  • Help Desk
  • Bank Payment File Formats
  • OCR

These configurations offer a lot of flexibility and can be modified based on need. 


Configure Questionnaire: 


  • To configure the questionnaires, add questions to the Questions list and then click on next to add Questionnaire sections.
  • After adding the questions list and the Questionnaire sections, questionnaire templates can be created by clicking on next from the Questionnaire section page.
  • Questionnaire Templates displays the list of existing questionnaires. 
  • To create a new questionnaire – check the SHOW column and select the required question section. If the question is mandatory, check the MANDATORY column. Enter the name of the questionnaire in SAVE AS NEW field and click on Finish.
  • To update an existing questionnaire – select the existing template in the Questionnaire template field and update the changes in the questions list/questionnaire section, check UPDATE EXISTING TEMPLATE and click on Finish.


tvarana netsuite vendor portal configuration



Email Template/Reminder Configuration:

This is used to configure email templates for all emails sent through the vendor portal.

tvarana netsuite vendor portal configuration


Help Desk Configuration:

This page can be used to assign employees to issues raised by vendors from within the vendor portal. Multiple issues can be assigned to a single employee, as well as a single issue to multiple employees.

tvarana netsuite vendor portal configuration



Bank Payment File Formats:

tvarana netsuite vendor portal configuration

  • Existing configured file formats can be seen under the Configured File Formats For Country sublist.
  • In order to configure new file formats, select the country and the required payment file format and click on the submit button.


OCR Configuration:


OCR Configuration can be used to set up the OCR related settings to meet the business requirements. Once the OCR details are saved, vendor bills will be created based on the configured details.


i) Global OCR Configuration:

This page contains different sections like general settings, Non Inventory Based Bills (with PO) and Expense Based Bill (with PO). Each section containing checkboxes which can be turned on or off as needed.

tvarana netsuite vendor portal configuration

ii) OCR Configuration on vendor record:

In order to complete the OCR configuration, a few details need to be configured on the vendor record. Navigate to the vendor record, open the Vendor Management subtab and fill the details under the OCR-based Bills Configuration section.

tvarana netsuite vendor portal configuration

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