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Unlimited Users, Unlimited Possibilities.

netsuite portalspro

Manage vendors, customers and employees on a single platform.

Introducing PortalsPro for NetSuite – your comprehensive solution for unifying customer, vendor, and employee management on a single, intuitive platform. Watch the video to learn more.

NetSuite Portals PortalsPro

Vendor Management

Streamline your vendor management with our quick and seamless onboarding process. Say goodbye to costly errors and compliance risks with our efficient workflows. Built on the NetSuite platform, we offer a unified solution for all your business needs, eliminating the hassle of third-party software. Enjoy a clean interface with crucial details at your fingertips, along with AI-powered OCR for effortless invoice management. Your document management is secure and scalable, and payments and invoice reconciliation streamlined. Additionally, resolve queries promptly with our easy-to-use helpdesk. Experience efficiency like never before!

Customer Management

Give customers ownership over their service experience with PortalsPro for NetSuite. Say goodbye to data silos as we provide a single source for all customer-related information. With a sleek, user-friendly interface, accessing vital customer data has never been easier. From sales orders to item shipments, invoices to customer payments, and everything in between, our portal offers comprehensive insights at your fingertips. Manage return authorizations, credit memos, and effortlessly upload documents with our drag-and-drop feature. Experience true convenience and efficiency with our innovative customer portal.

PortalsPro Customer Portal
PortalsPro Employee Portal

Employee Management

Welcome to the future of HR management with our fully integrated HR portal, seamlessly connected to NetSuite. Move from scattered data to streamlined processes as we centralize all your HR needs. Our intuitive site navigation ensures ease of use, while our robust payroll module offers unparalleled flexibility to suit your business rules and policies. Empower your workforce with self-serve dashboards, fostering engagement and motivation like never before. Experience the benefits firsthand: enhanced communication, standardized processes, quicker turnaround times, transparency, and accelerated growth.

Project Management

Are you tired of navigating through complex interfaces and scattered platforms to manage your projects efficiently? No more navigating through complex systems – our user-friendly interface simplifies project management in NetSuite. With features like creating, updating, closing, and deleting projects, employees can collaborate effortlessly and stay on top of project details. Keep everything connected in one shared workspace with PortalsPro’s Project Management tool. 

NetSuite Project Management PortalsPro
netsuite portalspro
netsuite portalspro
netsuite portalspro
netsuite portalspro
netsuite portals
netsuite portals
netsuite portals
netsuite portals
Vendor Questionnaires
Heading layer
Onboarding & Reassessment Requests
Vendor Onboarding
Upload vendor Documents
Customer Profile
Customer Item Shipment List
Customer RA List
Project Management Dashboard
Project Management Timesheets
Project Management Projects
Project Management Tasks
Employee Portal Login
Employee Onboarding
Employee Portal
Payroll Configuration

PortalsPro Key Features

netsuite portalspro

Empower Customers

Offer customers a seamless experience with a user-friendly interface hosted on the NetSuite platform. Provide easy access to a  range of customer-related data, including sales orders, invoices, and item shipments. Upload documents effortlessly for efficient communication and document management.

netsuite portalspro

Streamline Vendor Management

PortalsPro streamlines the vendor onboarding process. Offer a quick and compliant setup for vendors, while also providing integrated vendor data management and document handling capabilities. Centralize vendor-related processes, enhance collaboration and reduce administrative overhead.

netsuite portalspro

Revolutionize HR Efficiency

Streamline HR operations with seamless payroll integration and robust employee management. From record-keeping to compliance, simplify tasks effortlessly. Gain valuable insights into productivity and performance with comprehensive reporting tools. 

netsuite portalspro

Manage Projects in NetSuite

Empower your team with efficient project management on NetSuite. Seamlessly create, track, and close projects and tasks with comprehensive time tracking. Access detailed performance reports for better decision-making and resource allocation.

netsuite portalspro

Unified Data Access

Serving as a centralized hub for customers, vendors, and employees, PortalsPro eliminates data silos and ensures data consistency across the organization. By providing a single platform for accessing and managing data, it enhances collaboration, streamlines processes, and improves overall efficiency.

netsuite portalspro

Document Management Integration

Discover the power of streamlined document management with PortalsPro and SkyDoc. Unlock secure and scalable capabilities for storing, retrieving, and sharing documents with ease. Foster collaboration among your team members while ensuring adherence to document handling procedures.

netsuite portalspro

Communication Tools

Simplify communication with our built-in helpdesk, designed to streamline query resolution and enhance collaboration. Whether you’re a customer, vendor, or employee, enjoy quick and convenient communication for conflict resolution, general inquiries, and smoother interactions. 

netsuite portalspro

Comprehensive Reporting

With access to detailed reports for projects, transactions, and time-related data, empower stakeholders with actionable insights. Whether it’s analyzing project performance, tracking financial transactions, or monitoring time allocation, reports enable informed decision-making.

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