Part 1:

Kickstart your digital transformation with PortalsPro! Built on the NetSuite platform, PortalsPro provides a single, unified system for vendors, customers, and employees. PortalsPro is the complete solution for vendor management; covering onboarding, engagement, payments, and conflict resolution. Customers can use PortalsPro to review previous transactions and save time with the convenient e-payment feature. Vendor and contractor onboarding is made hassle-free while maintaining necessary compliance.


Vendor onboarding – an integral part of vendor management – helps increase efficiency, mitigate risk and costs, and achieve a higher ROI. Creating a robust vendor onboarding process can help avoid most of the pitfalls resulting from poor supplier management. PortalsPro can be set up to accommodate the needs of businesses with simple onboarding processes or with complex assessments. As the first step of their onboarding, vendors are sent questionnaires through NetSuite. These are customizable to include questions that can then be mapped to questionnaire sections such as:

  • Information security and privacy
  • Physical data and security
  • Web application security
  • Infrastructure security


Setting up vendor questionnaires in PortalsPro is straightforward, and consists of three steps:

  • Setting up the Questions list
  • Creating Questionnaire sections
  • Template configuration

This blog will show you how to add questions to the PortalsPro questions list.


Adding questions to vendor onboarding questionnaires:


  • The Questions list page shows the existing questions in the account

PortalsPro questions list vendor onboarding

  • To add new questions to the list, fill out the text box at the bottom of the list and click on Add

PortalsPro questions list vendor onboarding

    • Click the Next button on the bottom right to save any changes made to the list
    • If no changes are to be made, then use the Step navigation at the top to jump directly to the desired step (for example, Questionnaire Sections or Template Configuration).

    Note: While making changes to the Questions List, if the Step navigation is clicked, then changes made to the Questions List will not be saved.

    PortalsPro questions list vendor onboarding



Read our next blog post in this series to learn about how to set up PortalsPro Questionnaire sections and Templates!

You can also set up a consultation with our team for a demo on PortalsPro.

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