Implementing a new business system is a big undertaking, one that can prove challenging on many levels- whether it be migrating to a cloud platform, switching to a new accounting software, or implementing NetSuite as your ERP system- this kind of transition can affect the day-to-day running of your organization. In fact, there are so many areas where problems can crop up, that it is estimated that over 43% of implementation projects experience a delay. A typical NetSuite implementation will consist of stages like project planning, configuration and data migration, testing and training, followed by the go-live. The process almost always kicks-off with great expectations and a structured plan, but structure often gives way to the urgency to go-live at the earliest; and you might find yourself at odds with the implementation partner over a number of your business requirements not being fulfilled due to this urgency.

Document management is an aspect of the implementation process that can face a number of challenges. Skydoc, a SuiteApp by Tvarana, is built to alleviate these pain-points. SkyDoc is a cloud storage solution that seamlessly integrates into the NetSuite platform, providing a highly secure environment for storing all your important files, all while keeping costs low. Some of the salient features of SkyDoc that can help streamline your implementation project are:


Intelligent, user-friendly interface:

SkyDoc has been designed with the intent to eliminate the issues that come up around file storage during the NetSuite implementation process. This “Built for NetSuite” verified solution finds its origin in the necessity to make file management on NetSuite a simpler, more user-friendly process. During the course of the implementation, you might feel compelled to use an external file storage system for the simple reason that NetSuite file cabinet is just not user friendly. Implementation clients will typically use a third-party file sharing system in order to share files with users who do not have access to NetSuite, or rely on their internal file sharing system to collaborate with team members on files. SkyDoc streamlines the document sharing process for the entire implementation team with a user-friendly and intuitive UI built on the NetSuite platform, one that can be used by those who have access to NetSuite, as well by those who do not. SkyDoc’s user interface makes uploading files as easy as simply dragging and dropping, eliminating the need for multiple clicks. All documents related to a record are presented in one tab.


File check-out:

Any implementation will have multiple users working on different files simultaneously, and it can be a challenge to track who is working on what. It is of critical importance to the implementation project for work to be done simultaneously and to collaborate across teams, team members must know who is working on which file at any point of time. SkyDoc’s unique checkout process allows users to ‘lock’ a file that is in use, similar to a library. Other users can see files that have been checked out, and the system warns those trying to download a file in use.


SkyDoc netsuite Tvarana


Version control:

Although built for the purpose of collaboration, a major limitation of the NetSuite file cabinet is the inability to archive and maintain versions of files. SkyDoc provides the solution to this limitation in its ability to automatically archive the old version of a file, while showing the latest version to the users. Users can be confident that they are always looking at the latest version of a file, and can easily access its older versions whenever required. This feature will put a lot of project managers at ease knowing that their team is always going to work on the latest version of a file.


Document approval:

SkyDoc Portal makes the process of sharing and collaborating with users outside of NetSuite simple and straightforward. Files uploaded to the SkyDoc tab in Netsuite can be approved by portal users. The approval process is initiated when the file owner sends the file to the approver using the Send for Approval feature.


netsuite skydoc


Once the file has been sent by its owner for approval, its status changes to Pending Approval and the corresponding status icon can be seen in the status column


netsuite skydoc


An email will be sent to the external user that a file is waiting for their approval, along with a link to login to the portal. Approving or rejecting the file will change its status in the status column.


netsuite skydoc



Large files:

The implementation process can generate a number of files that take up a lot of storage space. The business requirement document is one such example of a file that can be challenging to upload into the limited NetSuite file cabinet. There could also be video files of meetings and trainings, or other large data files. NetSuite does not support the upload of large files, or multiple files at one time. SkyDoc on the other hand, expands on NetSuite’s file storage capabilities by leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows users to upload larger files with no restrictions, and users only need to pay for the amount of storage that they use. SkyDoc also allows for the bulk-upload of up to 100 files at one time.


A single system for all your needs:

The implementation is a complex process, and the use of multiple systems during its course can add an additional layer of complexity. SkyDoc can simplify your NetSuite implementation, as its functionality encompasses all the needs that come up during the duration of this project. SkyDoc supports users who don’t have access to NetSuite via the SkyDoc Portal. Once implementation is complete no need to hassle your implementation partner for the documents – it’s right there in SkyDoc for you to access whenever needed. Teams are reluctant to use external file storage which require additional logins, and the use of emails for collaboration can complicate the process. A simple question about an old file can take hours of digging through emails. SkyDoc allows users to send emails directly from the individual file record, with no restriction in the size of files being sent.


While there are other cloud storage solutions for files available out there, what differentiates SkyDoc from its competitors is that it has been designed based on feedback from customers to fit seamlessly into the NetSuite platform.

The Tvarana team is offering a free 3-month trial of SkyDoc during the implementation period to help with your document management needs.

Need more info on SkyDoc features and how it can help ease your NetSuite storage issues? Set up a demo with a member of our team today.





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