A cash flow statement is a financial report that consolidates extensive data regarding all cash inflows a company accumulates from its primary operations and external investments, along with all cash outflows disbursed for business activities and investments during a designated period. Tvarana’s Cash Flow Statement SuiteApp offers immediate insights into the flow of cash in real-time. This enables businesses of varying sizes to gain awareness of their present financial standing and establish future objectives, ultimately leading to the enhancement of the company’s current position and facilitating informed decision-making. We’ve now added a brand-new feature in this app, introducing forecasting. Businesses will now have access to a dashboard that offers forecasts on a weekly or monthly basis.


Cash flow forecasting is vital for businesses as it offers a clear view of their financial future. It helps ensure adequate liquidity to meet day-to-day expenses, manage operational needs, and allocate resources effectively. By identifying potential cash shortages and surpluses, it aids in proactive risk management and decision-making. Businesses can plan for debt repayments, attract investors and creditors, and make informed investment choices. Additionally, cash flow forecasts assist in tax planning and provide a roadmap for strategic growth. 


Below is a visual of the dashboard:

cash flow statement netsuite

As you can see, businesses can include recurring credits and expenses, adjust growth rates where relevant to enhance forecasts, and select various bank accounts as required to visualize their impact on the forecast. Cash Flow Statement can help you ensure financial stability for your business, drive operational efficiency, and gives you the ability to navigate uncertain economic environments!


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