The hardworking team of Tvarana had a chance to kick back and relax during their quarterly offsite in the beginning of December. The day-long celebration was held at the beautiful Hidden Castle resort on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The team enjoyed an array of adventure sports, including target shooting, rope climbing & obstacle courses. For sports aficionados, there was volleyball, basketball and cricket to enjoy. The games and activities had worked up a good appetite, and the team enjoyed a delicious lunch, followed by fun indoor team games in the afternoon. The water sports offered by the resort were a big hit, with some folks taking multiple turns on the rides. Towards the evening, the resort organized high tea and a rain dance that was accompanied by good music, and a chill breeze. The team returned from the resort at sunset, having had a jam-packed day of fun and laughter and looking forward to the next team outing already!