Tina is a part of the marketing team at Tvarana, working on strategies and content to build brand awareness and engagement across different channels.

She finds inspiration in quiet moments, thinking about the greater meaning of life and her purpose. She is fascinated by people and relationships of all kinds, and is driven to understand people from different walks of life and what makes them think. Hypothetically, if she could have dinner with any one person, Tina would choose celebrity chef and author Anthony Bourdain, who sadly passed away in 2018. She is a huge fan of his travel shows and his dry sense of humor.

Tina loves being out in nature, and some of her favorite spots are hiking trails tucked away in the hills of the Bay Area, California, where she used to live. She enjoys traveling, and if given the chance would love to do a solo trip to Bali.

Tina comes from a tight-knit family, where spending time together is a priority. Christmas is an important occasion observed by her family, and breakfast on Christmas morning where everyone gets together to celebrate and open presents is a big tradition she and her family follow every year. Her mom is a fantastic cook, and Tina especially loves the chocolate cake she makes.


She enjoys listening to music in her free time, and attending a Coldplay concert is on her bucket list. An avid reader, Tina is currently listening to the audiobook ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Professor Steve Peters. It is an excellent read for any one looking to understand human behavior, and provides profound insights on how one can positively manage thoughts and emotions. Being a huge ‘Breaking Bad’ fan, Tina is rewatching the entire series on Netflix at the moment. She enjoys movies that make her think, and one of her all-time favorites is the movie ‘Inception’.


She enjoys any creative activity and has a talent for creating stained glass artifacts. In fact, in the past she ran a small business from her home where she made lamps and window panels created from differently colored cut glass.


Tina loves working at Tvarana, and is excited to learn more and grow in her role.

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