Swathi Vuriti is a NetSuite Senior Consultant at Tvarana. She is currently working as a Suitecommerce developer, which involves collaborating with clients to customize their websites. As the leader of her team, Swathi receives requirements from her clients and uses these specifications to work on backend and frontend customizations for their websites. Swathi’s daily activities are focused predominantly on projects for two clients – one that retails anti-fatigue floor mats, and another that supplies oral appliances for sleep apnea. She has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of these projects and all aspects of working on website functionalities. 

Swathi’s role at Tvarana was her first job out of college, as she was selected to work here through a campus placement process. Since then, she has fallen in love with many aspects of her job and is especially fond of the company’s culture and its familial feel. Swathi’s time at Tvarana has also helped her achieve many professional and personal milestones. For example, this position gave her the confidence and experience to work independently and be less reliant on others. She is also grateful for those she works with and is happy to be a part of this family. 

Swathi was born in Vizianagaram, which is a town located in Andhra Pradesh, India, and has lived there her whole life. She says that her home is her favorite place in the world and has made many meaningful memories there over the years, from playing outdoor games with cousins in the summer to getting her college education. Throughout the years, she’s learned many life lessons in her hometown about trust and accepting both the positive and the negative with a smile. Swathi values her family a lot and is continuously inspired by her mother and father, who she describes as her “torch bearers.” She also loves to celebrate festivals with her family. In fact, one of her favorite traditions is getting together with her family to celebrate the Sankranthi festival in January. Outside of work, Swathi is a self-described astrometiriphile and enjoys learning about space and deep-sea missions. She likes to explore these interests by watching lots of documentaries and following news related to space missions and launches. She also spends her free time watching web series and prefers to watch movies that are comedic, action-packed, or space related. 


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