Sukesh Seelam is Tvarana’s Marketing Specialist. Since he joined the marketing team in February 2021, Sukesh has been actively involved in campaign execution and analysis, data management, social media management, and account-based marketing. He is working on a project focused on automating the NetSuite email campaign process through an integration with AWS. Sukesh is currently testing this feature internally, with the official launch for clients coming up soon.

Working with Tvarana keeps Sukesh engaged and gives him the opportunity to learn something new everyday. He particularly enjoys learning about Tvarana’s NetSuite-centric webinars (check out all our webinars here) and plays a key role in handling webinar data and customer segmentation. The Tvarana team conducts webinars on a monthly basis to educate our global audience on different aspects of NetSuite and how to best utilize it for their business. These webinars are completely free, and older sessions are available on Tvarana’s Webinars page on-demand. Our latest webinar delves into NetSuite integrations and how they can help make businesses more efficient.

Sukesh was born and raised in Hyderabad, and currently resides there with his family. He enjoys listening to retro music and watching movies in his spare time, his favorites being The Hobbit and Pirates of the Caribbean.

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