It’s once again time for the newest Employee Corner Blog feature! This month, we will be featuring Srideep Katuri, who works as a Technical Consultant in the Product Development department at Tvarana. In this role, he is currently working on a SkyDoc SuiteApp API that allows users to externally upload files to SkyDoc and append them to relevant records in NetSuite. Some other exciting projects include developing an OCR Integration to automate vendor invoicing and building out new features for Tvarana’s PortalsPro.

Srideep began working at Tvarana immediately after graduation through a campus placement program. Since this was his first full-time job, working at Tvarana has had a big impact on his transition from a graduate student to a professional. Srideep’s parents have also had a big impact on his life and are his inspiration and pillars of strength. They continue to inspire him through their resilience and ability to overcome challenges.

Outside of work, Srideep’s interests include watching movies and learning about new developments in technology. His favorite movies are Pokiri, RRR, and Dookudu. He is also currently watching Friends and The Office on TV. When it comes to relaxation, he believes that his home is the best place in the world to unwind, rejuvenate, and feel refreshed. Srideep also enjoys time spent with family and especially cherishes their celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi. Every year, his family comes together to feast on a wide variety of sweets and participate in cultural activities with friends and loved ones.

We appreciate all of Srideep’s hard work and have enjoyed getting to know him better! Check out our other recent Employee Corner posts by following the links below:

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