This month’s employee corner feature is all about Sri Lalitha Bhramaram! Sri Lalitha works as an Integration Consultant, specializing in the Anypoint platform, and is currently handling integrations for a long-term client project. Although she mainly focuses on MuleSoft, she has been trained on multiple other platforms, including Boomi and Celigo. She recently worked on an exciting project that was focused on the Boomi platform, in addition to the project she is currently working on. Though it wasn’t easy to switch between the two projects, her team made it fun, and she had a great experience with both.

Sri Lalitha joined Tvarana through a campus placement program and has been working here ever since graduation. Joining the company has been quite an impactful experience because it was her first introduction to the IT Industry. Her experiences in this role have completely reshaped the ideas she used to have about the industry and helped develop her career path.

Sri Lalitha likes to learn from the world around her and draws inspiration from her surroundings. She says she often gets inspired by the little things, like the resilience of tiny ants and how her mom deals with her shenanigans on a daily basis! Her favorite place is her home, which she describes as the comfiest and warmest place in the world. Here, she has many favorite family traditions, like cooking with her cousins. She tries to visit her mom’s hometown at least once a year, so whenever she visits, her cousins all gather for a day of cooking and fun. For Sri Lalitha, every day spent with family is a great day.

Outside of work, Sri Lalitha enjoys exploring different types of music. She is especially interested in music from around the world, like Korean, Spanish, Telegu, Hindi, and Thai songs. She appreciates all music, irrespective of language because she can connect to the sound and emotion of the song. Currently, she is into Korean pop music and is watching Suga from BTS’s interview show on YouTube. Her all-time favorite shows, however, are “Swathikiranam” and “Annamayya.”

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