Sree Lakshmi works as an Integration Consultant, where she develops integration processes on the Boomi platform to facilitate various data migrations from NetSuite. Previously, she oversaw payroll management for a client as a Functional Consultant. She is currently working on an exciting project where she got the opportunity to work through every stage of project management, from gathering client requirements to implementation and support. This project was a fulfilling experience that allowed her to learn from her seniors and gain a deeper understanding of NetSuite and Boomi. She enjoyed being involved at every step of the way when developing optimized solutions for the client and communicating with them regarding updates and requirements.

Sree Lakshmi started working at Tvarana through a campus placement program. Prior to taking on the role, she felt that she had difficulties expressing her thoughts, however, the company’s friendly and supportive environment has helped her overcome this challenge. Working at Tvarana has given Sree Lakshmi the independence to handle her own projects and the confidence to communicate effectively and learn from her mistakes. She also draws inspiration from her family, who share her positive, competitive spirit and taught her how to handle tough situations.

A life-changing moment for Sree Lakshmi occurred when she got to stay with her brother for 10 days before a very important exam. During this time, he taught her many memorable lessons and insights on building her career. With his support, she was able to score well on her exam and continues to find strength in the lessons she learned.

Sree Lakshmi engages in various hobbies and enjoys cooking, solving puzzles, drawing, exploring nature, and spending time with loved ones. She is also a big fan of fictional works, animated series, and Allu Arjun movies. Recently she has taken a liking to sitcoms and is currently watching The Big Bang Theory.

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