Sravanthi T is a Project/Program Manager at Tvarana, who leads projects across different verticals – right from inception, to delivery and support. She also works on several other business initiatives, such as collaborating with the Products Team on integrating AI capabilities into products. Sravanthi is especially looking forward to working with the first client to use one of Tvarana’s AI-enabled products, as there will be many opportunities for her to learn and innovate during the project. 

Sravanthi first became interested in Tvarana when she decided to return to work following her move back to India from the US. She initiated talks with the Tvarana team in early 2020, but her plans had to be put on hold due to the unprecedented events of the pandemic. Luckily, things picked back up towards the end of 2020 and she embarked on her journey with the company! Her time at Tvarana has helped her get back into the groove of working and she has found a lot of support from her coworkers, who helped her transition smoothly back into professional life. This pandemic has proved to be life-changing for Sravanthi, changing her perspective on life and people and helping rearrange her priorities. She now places more emphasis on the physical and mental health of her family members; practicing gratitude and forgiveness more now, and extending the same grace to younger members of her family. She finds inspiration from people who work hard with humility and honesty, such as APJ Abdul Kalam, the former president of India.

Sravanthi has many fond memories from her childhood. She vividly recalls being pampered by her maternal grandparents during summer vacations, eating tamarind candies made by her paternal grandmother, spending holidays with cousins, and much more. She continues to enjoy special traditions with her family, and looks forward to the Ganesh Chaturthi festival where she gets to make the Ganesha idol, pray, cook, and enjoy some yummy Indian food with her loved ones. 

Sravanthi is an inquisitive person who likes to experiment and learn about anything she can get her hands on – whether it be science, physics, places, people, or personalities! She loves to travel, watch thriller or lighthearted movies, and listen to meaningful music as well. One of her favorite travel destinations is the Pacific Northwest (USA), but her favorite place in the world will always be where her family is. 

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