Sindhura is a Functional Consultant, and manages a team of 5 providing functional support to clients using NetSuite. Her job involves interfacing with the client and coming up with custom designs and solutions based on their requirements. She is currently working on a project with client Deliveroo.

Sindhura’s mother has been a constant source of inspiration to her, and she admires her unwavering devotion to family. Her favorite place growing up was her grandmother’s home, Rampa Chodavaram, in the East Godavari district of coastal Andhra Pradesh. Spending idyllic summer days with her grandmother, she loved and remembers with great fondness every meal she ate at her home. When asked to name anyone in the world with whom she would love to eat dinner, the answer of course, is Sindhura’s father, mother and brother. A family tradition that she has made an effort to sustain is to gather everyone together under one roof for important occasions.

Sindhura loves music, and one of her dreams is to attend a concert, as she has never been to one before. She is passionate about playing the violin, and would love to swap places for the day with Lara St. John, a Canadian violinist and one of her favorite musicians. Being a travel enthusiast, Venice, Italy, is on her bucket list of places to visit.

A fun bit of trivia about Sindhura is that if she could choose to be born as anything else, she would be a mosquito! She wouldn’t need to worry about her future, but just live life to the fullest in her short lifespan. She was very mischievous as a child, and played a prank on an autorickshaw driver by loudly blowing his horn just to startle him. Her pet peeve is people who are overly chatty in inappropriate situations.

Sindhura enjoys watching sitcoms on TV, and her favorite movie is the Malayalam film ‘Midhunam’. A secret ability that she possesses is her unerring foresight. Sindhura is able to sense if something is off about a particular situation, and her predictions have never been wrong!

Sindhura is a valuable asset to our company, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for our partnership.





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