Shivani Ramagiri began her journey at Tvarana as a Trainee Consultant and now works as a NetSuite Technical Consultant. Her role involves customizing NetSuite using Suitescripts to match client needs perfectly. She works closely with teams, implementing top-notch methods and constantly improving NetSuite setups for better performance.

In complex projects, Shivani specializes in detailed data management. She played a crucial role in a big project for the International Fertilizer Development Center. Her focus was making sure client timesheets turned into accurate Journals during month-end tasks. Recently, she’s been leading projects on E-Invoicing and E-way billing, making sure NetSuite integrates smoothly with GSP platforms, tailored to each client’s unique operations.

Outside Tvarana, Shivani handles data transmission for Highradius Corp, ensuring flawless exchanges using SFTP & REST API. This involves handling various transactions like Invoices, Payments, and more, ensuring seamless data flow in both directions.

Her journey with Tvarana started during college when the company actively recruited from her institution. Their support and flexible policies helped her balance work and personal life, boosting her satisfaction and productivity.

Among her favorite memories is a trip to Vizag with friends, exploring beautiful beaches and the stunning Araku, creating unforgettable moments. Shivani finds inspiration from diverse individuals, learning from family, friends, colleagues, and managers, growing with their experiences.

Her college days brought a financial crisis after her father’s accident, teaching her to face challenges, adapt, and keep moving forward.

In her downtime, Shivani enjoys a wide range of movies, from horror thrillers to action-packed and Rom-Coms. Diwali holds a special place for her, a vibrant celebration with Diyas, Rangolis, and an array of delicious foods.


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