Sai is a Technical Consultant at Tvarana, and his responsibilities include interfacing with the client to gather the business requirement, come up with the design, work on the coding part and then test the requirement. He is currently involved with integration projects for client, Lilla P, which is a global lifestyle brand, sold at specialty retailers around the world, including their boutique in New York City’s Meatpacking District. Lilla P was founded 20 years ago by Charleston native Pauline Nakios, who named the company after her grandmother, Lilla, and the brand originally sought to create the “perfect tee” for their customers. Sai’s work with Lilla P includes Product Catalogue Management for Open Text and Intertrade, an inventory reporting system, and Celigo platform analysis for customer and product workflows. Everyday brings with it a new challenge for Sai, and he throughly enjoys working with Lilla P and speaking with them on a daily basis.

A life-changing event for Sai was when he was selected for his role at Tvarana in 2016. He graduated in 2014 from Priyadarshini Institute of Technology, Nellore, in Electronics and Computer Engineering. He took a two-year hiatus to figure out his path in life, and according to Sai, those were his best years. As an engineering graduate, he was excited to work as a chip designer, and began applying feverishly to different job opportunities. As it happened, he was notified about interviews with only a few hours to get to each location, and as a result most opportunities fell through. Sai then relocated from Nellore to Vijayawada in order to be closer to Hyderabad and Vishakapatnam, where all the interviews were being conducted.

During his time there, he would read English and Telugu papers religiously, writing in to the editor on a frequent basis. Newspapers began to  publish his letters, and this inspired him to apply for the role of a trainee journalist. His work even caught the eye of the editor-in-chief of the Vijayawada regional newspaper, and he was offered a full scholarship for a post-graduate degree in journalism! Sai, however, turned his focus back to engineering, and began to apply to software companies. He came across a job posting for Tvarana on LinkedIn, and the rest is history! Sai is currently pursuing his M.Tech in Software Systems from BITS Pilani, one of the best private universities in India for technology.

Aside from his passion for writing newspaper articles, Sai also has a keen interest in attending classical music and dance concerts whenever he gets the chance. Although his TV-watching these days is restricted to news channels, Sai also enjoys catching up on movies in his spare time. One of his all-time favorite movies is ‘Geethanjali’, a Telugu film directed by renowned Indian filmmaker Mani Ratnam.

One of Sai’s favorite memories from his childhood was when he played the role of young Krishna for a Telugu song called ‘Brindavanamali’ at his school’s Annual Day celebrations, witnessed by his nearest and dearest. Whenever he recalls this event, he is taken back to idyllic days spent at school. His favorite place in the world is Vijayawada, a city in the southeast Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, known for the ornate Kanaka Durga Temple which sits atop a hill overlooking the city. The city brings back many fond memories for Sai of good times with family and friends. Sai grew up in a village called Thurimerla, in the Nellore district, where his father works as the village Branch Post Master, and his mother is a homemaker. Never forgetting his roots, he returns to his hometown every year to celebrate with his family the occasion of ‘Sri Rama Navami’, a spring Hindu festival that celebrates the birthday of lord Rama.

Tvarana appreciates Sai’s unique background, and the perseverance and hard work that he brings to the table. We are certain that the future will be bright for this valued member of the Tvarana team!




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