Rebecca Narodowg is the Principle NetSuite Architect for Tvarana’s sister-company, 79Consulting. She works closely with clients to understand their business needs, processes and NetSuite pain-points and then designs a solution to ensure that NetSuite performs optimally for their business. Her recommendations can include a customization in NetSuite or perhaps a change in a business process to ensure alignment with NetSuite. Rebecca also holds lots of client training sessions so they know how to best leverage the system that was designed for their business. With over 20 years’ experience in business automation, Rebecca serves as a subject matter expert for NetSuite in various capacities, including internal requests, webinars, blogs and for prospective customers during the sales cycle.

Rebecca is currently working with Tvarana founder and CEO, Kishore Bojja and Project Manager, Naveena Boppana to build out documentation that will train new recruits on how to convert a business requirement to a specific functionality in NetSuite. This has been an exciting project for Rebecca. To have a library of solutions that have been used before and vetted through the training process will be an asset when it comes to solving unique customer requirements. She is working with two clients at the moment who have been on NetSuite for many years, and are ready to incorporate enhancements that will allow them to better use NetSuite and take advantage of new features released once they adopted the platform.

Rebecca crossed paths with Tvarana in 2012 when she was working with a company in Dallas, Texas that was implementing NetSuite. Several people on the Tvarana team helped with customizations and a website to support the integration. Later, while working with a company in Vancouver, Washington that was live on NetSuite and wanted to build an SCA site, she was once again able to work with Tvarana’s SuiteCommerce team to make that happen. Having worked with Tvarana in various capacities on the client-side since moving full-time to NetSuite consulting in 2014, Rebecca is excited to be part of the Tvarana team now! This engagement has allowed Rebecca to realize her dream of having a blended role where she can collaborate with the sales team to help potential clients see what NetSuite can do for them, as well work on client projects directly. She is also enjoying being part of a global team, getting to know people from different walks of life.

Rebecca grew up in the small town of Elgin, Oklahoma, and moved to Tulsa when she was a teen. As a child she loved to read. She remembers cuddling up with a blanket on cold winter days or in the tree in her front yard during the summer to read all day. Her mother said that she would read anything – including the back of the cereal box! These days Rebecca reads mainly technical manuals and NetSuite documentation.

A true geek, Rebecca likes to figure out how things work! She likes to know how teams work together, how computers work, how telephones work, how businesses streamline their processes to ensure their business keeps moving along. Being a resident of Orlando, Florida, Rebecca has Disney World practically next door. Her dream is to go on a logistics tour to see how Disney makes the magic happen- what ERP they use, how many warehouses they have, what tools they use to coordinate all the merchandise, and so on. A life-changing moment for Rebecca was when she became a grandmother. Her granddaughter keeps her busy and entertained during her downtime. Rebecca has made a family tradition out of baking cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve and delivering them to local family and friends, and has been doing so for the last 25 years. As her kids grew up, her daughter started helping her make them, taking over the baking when she became a young adult. Rebecca is now relegated to icing and packaging up the cinnamon rolls!

Those who work with Rebecca know her to be positive and outgoing. She draws inspiration from the people around her, and has crossed paths with many who have impacted her life in a positive way. Like meeting a colleague who saw that Rebecca had more potential than the job she was in, and helped change her career trajectory by encouraging her to believe in herself. Or her neighbor who befriended her at a very difficult time in her personal life, showing her that joy comes from within and not from external influences. Rebecca firmly believes that we are responsible for our own happiness, and that we can all be an inspiration and have an impact on those around us.

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