In this month’s Employee Corner blog, we are featuring Prudhvi Chelluboyina, who works as a Senior Consultant. He is currently a part of the Integration team and deals with a variety of tasks related to the Boomi and MuleSoft Integration platforms. He is especially excited about the work he is doing for Funimation at the moment. During this project, he has had the opportunity to come up with effective solutions for different client requirements and gain more experience with client management.

Prudhvi began working at Tvarana because he liked that the position offered the opportunity to handle a variety of project types and gain a wide range of experience. From the start, the company had a very friendly environment, and he knew that this was a role he could have a lot of fun in. His time at Tvarana has had a great impact on his life. Since this is his first job following graduation, it has taught him many valuable skills and given him greater clarity on his desired career path. Joining Tvarana, marked the start of his professional journey and was overall a life-changing moment for him.

Outside of work, Prudhvi enjoys exploring new, interesting places with his friends and family. As a child, one of his favorite pastimes was playing cricket with all of his school friends on Sundays, and he still cherishes these memories today. He values time spent with his family and meets with them every year to celebrate major festivals together. Even today, he says that his home is his favorite place in the world!

It’s been a pleasure getting to know Prudhvi during his time at Tvarana and we can’t wait to see what he will accomplish in the future! Check out more of our employee features below!

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