This month’s employee corner feature is all about Prathyusha Samatham! Prathyusha is a NetSuite Senior Consultant who works with the eCommerce and scripting teams. In her role, she interacts with various clients to gauge their business requirements, come up with designs, and develop customizations. She has had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects and finds each new day to be a great learning experience. Her latest project has been especially insightful since she gets to learn new skills and work with very supportive clients.

Prathyusha has been with Tvarana ever since she found the company through a campus placement program three and a half years ago. Her time at the company has been a very positive experience, filled with opportunities for personal and professional development. She says that with the guidance of her teammates and batchmates, she has grown tremendously over the years, and this makes her feel thankful to be a part of the Tvarana family. Prathyusha’s peers have supported and motivated her throughout her career journey. She feels especially inspired by her manager, Athira, and admires the way that she manages and deals with clients.

Prathyusha also enjoys many different activities outside of work! Though she doesn’t watch television very often, she loves to watch different seasons of Bigg Boss, which is a popular Indian reality TV game show. She also shared that her favorite movie is a Telegu rom-com called Geetha Govindam. Prathyusha also enjoys traveling and loves visiting Kullu Manali, located in Himachal Pradesh near the Himalayan Mountain range. She is also fond of going to Shimla, which is found in the Himalayan foothills. These destinations are special to her because of their mesmerizing snow-capped mountains and beautiful weather!

We have enjoyed getting to know Prathyusha here at Tvarana and are proud of all her hard work! Learn more about our team by checking out some of the past employee corner blogs:

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