Pradeep is the Global HR Manager, leading policy making and administrative tasks for Tvarana, coordinating recruiting across India and the US, and handling all facets of employee management. He is currently working on developing innovative touch points (redesigning offer letters and many more) for current and prospective employees.

Pradeep is inspired by successful entrepreneurs, in particular Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the most well known Indian cricketers, under who’s captaincy from 2007 to 2016, India won 2007 ICC World Twenty20, the 2010 and 2016 Asia Cups, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy. Speaking of successful entrepreneurs, Pradeep would love to switch places for the day with billionaire and CEO of Tesla and Space-X, Elon Musk. Wouldn’t we all!

Pradeep loves the comfort of his own home in Hyderabad, and if given the chance will escape for the weekend to Coorg, located in the foothills of the Nilgiris (India). On his wishlist is a trip to Iceland with his family. Being a foodie, Pradeep loves his mother’s cooking, in particular dishes prepared by her in celebration of significant Indian festivals like Diwali.

In his spare time, Pradeep enjoys reading, spending time with his family and watching movies. He recently finished reading Catalyst by Chandramouli Venkatesan, which is a great read for anyone looking for personal development and building leadership skills. Pradeep is a movie buff, but for the most part he ends up watching cartoons such as Bandbudh Aur Budbak and Chhota Bheem along with his son! A few of his all-time favorite movies are The Departed, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Munich, Mayabazaar and Jandhyala. He also enjoys watching stand-up comedians like Russel Peters and Abhishek Upamanyu on YouTube. Pradeep is a skilled mimic and budding singer, two talents that he’s has kept well hidden from the world!

As an HR professional with many years of industry experience under his belt, one would of course expect Pradeep to play by the rules, but a little known fact is that he happened to be a bit of a rebel during his days at college, and actually hacked into the computer lab causing it to crash! His pet peeve is people who try to teach him how to do his job with no knowledge or experience in the field!

Pradeep is known at Tvarana for his sense of humor and his affable personality, and we look forward to having him around for many years to come!



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