Nitesh Kumar is a Product Development Lead at Tvarana, responsible for Netsuite SuiteApp design, development, customization and maintenance. Nitesh has been involved in the inception and development of Tvarana’s latest SuiteApp, PeopleHub, an HR payroll and Employee Self-Serve portal for NetSuite. This labor-intensive project has been his pride and joy and he revels in the positive feedback that the app has been receiving, not just from HR users, but employees as well. Nitesh is currently working on improving and adding more features to PeopleHub.

Nitesh was born and raised in the city of Jamshedpur, where his family still resides. He and his sister are twins, and they grew up sharing everything, including some friendly sibling rivalry. Nitesh would imitate anything his sister did, going so far as to even wearing her dresses! in school, Nitesh was not a star-student and had very little interest in academics. His parents support and unwavering faith in him compelled him to take up tennis as a sport, in the hopes of getting into it professionally, but he abandoned it not too long after. He enrolled at a top coaching center for JEE, but lost motivation and dropped that as well. Not wanting to let his parents down, Nitesh believed that his last chance for redemption was when he started college. He pushed himself to excel and soon began to consistently secure a place amongst the top ranking students at his school. Nitesh sees his own story reflected in that of Karna, a mythological warrior from Mahabharata. Karna is depicted as an anti-hero, a complex character who faced disgrace and misfortune at every step in his life, but turned it around through persistent effort.

Nitesh attended college for engineering in Orissa, and it was during campus interviews that he made acquaintance with Tvarana. It was his aspiration to be selected by IT Consulting leader, TCS at the end of his education, and he worked hard to get reach that goal. TCS had a provision for the top five performers from all branches of his college to go directly to the interview round without having to write an exam, thereby giving them an extra edge over other applicants. Nitesh put in every effort to place in the coveted top 5, and did so with flying colors. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, the provision was revoked a mere two days before the campus drive, and the written exam was made mandatory for everyone. This was a grueling exam and Nitesh was not prepared for it. He had spent the 4 years of his engineering gearing up for TCS and was crushed when he couldn’t clear the exam. His disappointment soon turned into hope when he appeared for the Tvarana campus recruitment drive. The interview was long and difficult, and finally at midnight it was announced to Nitesh that he had be selected. He is now a firm believer that everything happens for the best of those involved and has since never looked back. Nitesh’s time at Tvarana has proven to be life-changing and he has seen himself grow and evolve in a multitude of ways. That first break was so pivotal for Nitesh, helping him land in a place that was just right for his career.

Nitesh still has strong ties to Jamshedpur, and observes the tradition of ‘Chhath Puja’, a North-Indian festival celebrating the sun god Surya and goddess Shashti. Nitesh holds this festival close to his heart and has fond memories from his childhood where he and his family would worship at sunrise and sunset on the river banks. In his spare time, Nitesh enjoys watching shows like Mirzapur and Lone Survivor. He also enjoys listening to Ghazals, a musical form of poetry, in particular the works Pankaj Udhas who’s concert he attended in Jodhpur.

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