Naveen Kumar Urugonda is a NetSuite Technical Consultant at Tvarana and is currently working as a part of the development team for Tvarana SuiteApps and SkyDoc. His daily activities revolve around gathering client requirements and formulating designs based on these requirements. One exciting project that he is currently focusing on is the new SkyDoc 2021.2 release features. He enjoys such projects because their complex and challenging requirements interest him and make his work more engaging.

Naveen first joined Tvarana when he was close to completing his degree at  SR Engineering College Warangal, which is in Telangana, India. During this time, he was placed at the company as an intern and worked in this position for three months. He then went back to college to finish his degree and joined as a permanent employee in May of 2019. He feels that his time at Tvarana has been a life-changing experience that helped him grow tremendously over the last two and a half years- both personally and professionally. He has found that his profession taught him many life lessons and shifted his perspective, as it gave him many new responsibilities that brought changes to his personal and family life. Naveen hopes that his time in this position will allow him to become a role model to the people around him. He wishes to accomplish this by doing his best every day, paying attention to the needs of his colleagues, bringing positive energy, and constantly pursuing new knowledge and skills. He believes that following these goals can help set an example for his peers and subordinates.

Naveen lives in a village called Jammikunta of Karimnagar District, which is found in Telangana, India. He is very fond of his home as it is his favorite place in the world, and he even visits every week when he works elsewhere. Naveen is close with his family and especially enjoys spending the Rakhi festival with them because all his relatives gather each year to celebrate. Outside of work, he likes to watch web series and currently says that “13 Reasons Why” is his favorite. He also enjoys watching cricket on TV and recently watched an England vs India test match.


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