For this month’s blog, we will be featuring our Director of Operations, John H. As a new employee, John is currently undergoing training and is learning as much as he can to support the team. His current goals are to help facilitate sales growth and profitability, provide direct support to his clients and team, and build greater brand awareness. Overall, he hopes to document and implement company processes and procedures for increased efficiency, collaboration, and profitability to increase the success of the organization. One project he is excited to work on is a new marketing campaign to engage potential and existing clients, provide information and resources to clients, and increase brand awareness. John has always been interested in employing technology to help automate processes and implement solutions that provide scale and efficiencies. Prior to working at Tvarana, he had been a customer of the company for many years, so when he decided to make a career change, he was given the opportunity to learn and grow in the tech field by joining Tvarana.

John grew up in a small town called Granbury, near the Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas area and has very fond memories of riding motocross and spending as much time as he could water skiing with friends. He now enjoys traveling both domestically and internationally with his wife, spending time with his dog, lifting weights, riding his mountain bike, and reading. As much as he loves traveling, his favorite place in the world is still his hometown, Granbury Texas. His biggest source of inspiration is his uncle, Art Henson, who is a retired entrepreneur that, at the age of 92, is still physically and mentally active and manages a large cattle operation in Texas. To John, his uncle epitomizes all the qualities of a self-made man exemplifies the idea that honesty, character, and hard work are the keys to a successful personal and professional life. As for many others, the global pandemic has affected John in many ways and has helped him and his wife to refocus their goals and prioritize what really matters the most to them. Reflecting on the impacts of the pandemic lead him to a change in his career, and by joining Tvarana he is now able to live and work closer to his wife’s family.

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