Dayse Morales is the newest member of the Tvarana team. Coming by way of sales, Dayse is our Account Executive specializing in account management and support. Shortly after arriving at Tvarana, Dayse implemented new workflows and processes as well as established herself as the point of contact for new clients.

Based in New York City, Dayse’s sales background focused on education technology for several years until she made the move to Tvarana. Able to adapt quickly, Dayse has become well versed in Tvarana’s 8 apps, with an emphasis on SkyDoc, Tvarana’s most popular app.

Born and raised in Southern California, Dayse considers herself to be somewhat of a nomad, never staying in one place for too long. Her love for travel and exploration has lead her to walk along the Great Wall of China in Beijing, island hop in Thailand, scuba dive in Cuba, backpack along the coast of Portugal and climb the ancient ruins in Chichen Itza.

Outside of work, Dayse is passionate about a number of social issues affecting women and people of color. She has spent her life volunteering for organizations that range in grocery shopping for the elderly to organizing clothing drives for a women’s shelter. Dayse loves living in New York City and all that the city has to offer which include but not limited to, pizza, museums, jazz clubs, bagels and Indian food.


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