For this month’s employee corner feature, meet Bhargavi Ajjaguttu, who is a senior technical consultant at Tvarana! In her role, Bhargavi has worked across a variety of projects to gather client requirements and develop customizations to meet their needs. She is currently one of the dedicated resources for an integration project that has come with many exciting challenges. Working with this client has allowed her to handle tickets, tasks, and application support for end users while also doing technical analysis, design, coding, testing, and customization implementation.

Bhargavi started at Tvarana through a campus placement program because she had an interest in Cloud Computing. She has enjoyed her time in this role and describes Tvarana as a friendly organization with the best managers, leads, and teams. Her favorite part of starting at the company was that she got to join along with some friends who are all very special to her! In her free time, Bhargavi loves to watch movies and TV shows. She’s especially a big k-drama and c-drama fan and can name more than 100 series that she’s watched! She recently finished watching “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and has now moved on to “Modern Family.”

Bhargavi believes that self-love is the best love and that learning is a process that leads to change. She’s come to hold these values through many experiences that have made her stronger and shown her that life teaches us new lessons every day. She draws inspiration from her mother and father, who always gave her the freedom to express herself and taught her the importance of being thoughtful and kind.

Bhargavi cherishes time spent with family and friends and especially loves to celebrate her birthday with them each year. Aside from celebrating festivals together, she also values the tradition of having dinner with her family every night. Her favorite place in the world will always be her home because it is where she gets to be happy and together with her loved ones.

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