For our last employee corner blog of 2021, we will be featuring our Customer Success Manager, Amanda Soto! As the Customer Success Manager, she mainly focuses on client management and is currently working on an exciting project to automate timesheets for our clients. Amanda first began working at Tvarana after she had a baby and was looking for a position where she could work from home. A good friend of hers recommended the job, and after looking into it more, she met with someone from the company and felt inspired to pursue the role.

Joining the Tvarana team has given Amanda many new opportunities. From a professional standpoint, her position has taught her to take charge, stay organized, and fully understand the ins and outs of running a business. In a personal sense, she has been given the opportunity to travel, spend time with her daughter, and have more financial stability while staying connected to her work. She says that her husband is her inspiration since he works full-time, is a full-time law student, coaches, competes in wrestling, and still makes time for her!

Amanda grew up in a coffee shop alongside her siblings and has many fond childhood memories there. For instance, every Sunday, her dad would make pastries for her and her siblings. They would run down to the coffee shop to see what he made, and then take a piece of bread from her dad to go feed ducks at a nearby pond. Outside of work, Amanda has an interest in writing. Though she feels she is not the best writer, she does appreciate reading a well-written paper. She is also currently watching the show “Friends” on TV. She enjoys traveling as well, and her favorite family tradition is their annual trip. Some of her favorite places in the world to visit are Spain and Japan!

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