Akshara Arihant Marka is an Associate NetSuite Consultant working on Suiteapp implementations for Tvarana. Her primary responsibilities involve installing Suiteapps in customer accounts, training clients on Suiteapps, and managing issues and enhancements. Akshara thoroughly enjoys her work with Suiteapps, and everyday brings something new for her- from interfacing with customers to understand their requirements, to strategizing with the internal sales team. Akshara’s current focus is a project involving migrating of files from Box to SkyDoc, a NetSuite document management Suiteapp designed by Tvarana. (Read more about SkyDoc here and here.)

Akshara joined the Tvarana team in May of 2019 as a trainee consultant, and has seen the level of responsibility entrusted to her grow in leaps and bounds during the course of this one year. Selected in her campus interviews, Akshara started out as an intern during the second semester of her final year of engineering. After interning with Tvarana for four months, she went back to school to attend her final exams. She enjoyed her training and the work culture so much during her internship, that she felt drawn to return to Tvarana for a full-time engagement. She considers joining Tvarana to be one of the best decisions she has ever made, as her time here has helped her grow not just professionally, but also gain a great deal of self-confidence and become financially independent as well. Akshara still remembers the happiness and pride on her parents’ face when she gave them her first salary, and she is excited about growing further in her career with Tvarana.

Akshara grew up in the town of Parkal, located in the Warangal district of Telengana state of south India. She has many fond memories from her childhood, in particular, times when she would so often pretend to be a teacher and use the walls of her house as a blackboard, that her father bought her a real one to play with! She also recalls fun times that she spent playing with all her cousins. Akshara would spend a month every year during her summer vacations at her maternal grandmother’s home in Godavarikani. Akshara especially loved the food her grandmother cooked for her, and has yet to find anything that tastes better! Leaving her grandmother to go back home was always hard, and Akshara would count the days till she could return again.

One of her favorite family traditions is celebrating the festival of Diwali. She and her family typically host a get-together for Diwali every year. A variety of sweets are prepared as an offering to God, and the day is spent preparing for the evening’s Lakshmi Pooja. Akshara loves the ritual of lighting Diyas at nightfall, and once the Pooja is complete, the family gathers to eat dinner together. The next day marks another Pooja followed by a family lunch. These two days are very special to Akshara as she gets a chance to meet all of her extended family.

When she is not hard at work on Tvarana’s Suiteapps, Akshara enjoys watching Money Heist on Netflix, and is eagerly waiting for the release of Season 5. She watches movies from different genres, with ‘Bangalore Days’ and ‘Charlie’ being a couple of her favorites.

Enjoyed getting to know Akshara? Find out how she and her team can be help extend the power of NetSuite to meet your business needs with Tvarana’s array of Suiteapps.




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