This month’s Employee Corner Blog will feature Abhishek Dutta, who is a QA lead at Tvarana! In this role, he tests various projects to see whether the data is working as expected for the client’s requirements. He has been working with the same client for over a year to conduct testing on a variety of projects. Through this, he has been able to discover many different areas of NetSuite and try out many kinds of testing methods. He has learned a lot through these projects, and they have helped him to develop a better understanding of NetSuite and his client’s requirements.

Abhishek’s journey at Tvarana began when he heard about the role from some friends who used to work here. He was intrigued by the opportunity to work with various clients on new technologies, which drove him to pursue the job. Since NetSuite is the ERP platform with the highest demand on the market, he wanted the chance to learn more about these technologies. He believes that working at Tvarana has had a positive impact on his life and that the company has provided him with the tools he needs to succeed.

Abhishek grew up in India and has many fond memories there from his childhood. He recalls that whenever he would finish his exams, he got to go on a vacation with his family. During those trips, they would visit different places in India and learn all about the region, people, and culture. These trips were always very exciting since he got to learn a lot and have new experiences. Though he loves traveling, he still says that his favorite place in the world is his home! He also has some special family traditions at home. Every year, his family gathers to do a certain set of poojas and celebrate these special occasions together.

Outside of work, Abhishek also likes to read books, travel, and listen to music. His favorite movie is “3 Idiots” and he has mainly been keeping up with the news when he gets time to watch TV.

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