In an ecommerce-driven world where customers can’t physically experience products before purchasing, many consumers turn to online product reviews. Customers like to see lots of reviews. A single review with a few positive words makes up an opinion, but a few dozen that say the same thing make a consensus. Online reviews can reveal a lot about your online store.

Some of the benefits of incorporating reviews into your ecommerce store are:

  • Influencing buying decisions: When purchasing online, the customer decision-making process can be a bit complicated. Reviews are key to the decision-making process, helping customers to get a better idea about the product, including material, size, and shape.
  • Driving sales: Positive reviews are shown to positively influence click-through rates, as well as customer check out. Reading positive reviews from other people who made similar purchases fosters certainty that the item in question will be a good choice.
  • Boosting SEO efforts:  Reviews typically contain keywords associated with your products or services. Curating keywords effectively is vital to scoring a high search ranking, and will increase the rate of click-through to your business’s landing page
  • Improving your website: Reviews, whether good or bad, are a vital tool in improving your website and overall customer experience. Bad reviews can help identify customer pain points and areas that can use a bit of streamlining.


NetSuite’s Review module allows users to display customer reviews for their products, along with review count and overall rating number. The Product Review custom record displays all reviews for an item in the Product Reviews subtab of the item record under the SuiteCommerce Product Reviews tab. Moderator have the ability to evaluate submitted reviews and control which reviews are displayed on the website, and which are to be discarded. By default, only reviews set to Approved are displayed on the website and included in the product review rating analysis.

Customers can leave product reviews through the use of a review form, which lets customers rate the product and write a short review. Website visitors can see all item ratings and reviews. Customers can also up-vote or down-vote reviews.

NetSuite has the ability to integrate with review aggregators, which are platforms that collect a large amount of reviews on a product, service, or business. It then “aggregates” and gives an average score. One of them is Bazaarvoice, a software through which brands and retailers can collect and display several types of user-generated content (UGC) on their websites.

Tvarana has implemented Bazaarvoice integrations for a few ecommerce clients, simplifying their review management process. All the user needs to do is to log into their Bazaarvoice portal, where they can track and manage questions and reviews across the entire Bazaarvoice network.


If you would like to implement the SuiteCommerce review module or review aggregator for your ecommerce website, please set up a consultation with us today.

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