Skydoc, a storage solution developed by Tvarana for NetSuite customers which helps in enhancing storage and file collaboration. Our newest client on SkyDoc is a worldwide media agency with offices in more than 30 countries. The client uses NetSuite for all billing and back-office operations, and have more than 650 users on NetSuite ERP.

The company was looking for a suitable file storage that is cost effective but also could be a collaborative enterprise solution. Some of the challenges they faced were:

A. Users needed a contemporary, seamless solution that would allow drag and drop of files into NetSuite easily. The native drag & drop was not satisfactory, and the previous storage solution, Egnyte, was not integrated to NetSuite. Users also wanted the ability to drop files into different folders for each subsidiary, which was not possible with the native solution. Our development team jumped in to solve the problem and now, as part of SkyDoc’s standard package, folders can be created and access restricted by users. As part of this solution, a folder can be associated with a subsidiary and when users drop files on records(customers, vendors & transactions) belonging to a subsidiary, all the files are dropped directly in the associated folder. Files saved in SkyDoc can also be searched in NetSuite using native global search.

B. Security and Privacy of documents: The company needed to maintain privacy for documents, and make them unavailable to unauthorized users. SkyDoc allows access restriction by folders and users. Files dropped into a folder can only be accessed by authorized users for that folder. This feature was key in the decision to replace Egnyte with SkyDoc.

C. Bulk drag & drop of files. Another useful feature of SkyDoc is bulk upload, which allows hundreds of files to be uploaded in one go.

D. Old file migration: One of the concerns was the migration of old files that were part of the client’s NetSuite storage. SkyDoc has a feature that allows users to move all files from NetSuite to SkyDoc and associate the files with the same record as before. This ensures that no file is lost post-migration.

All these features and many more lent the client confidence to choose SkyDoc as their preferred storage solution. They have some great things to say about the product and the accounting team has been a lot happier because their storage cost has been reduced by more than 80%. How is that for a win!

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