NetSuite stands out as the leading ERP system, offering unparalleled optimization for business processes and versatile integration options, however it may not always align perfectly with your business needs. If you’ve decided to transition away from NetSuite and require comprehensive data export services for audit, compliance, or any other purposes, we’ve got your back!

While the NetSuite Saved Search export functionality works well in several situations, it may not be an optimum solution when you need large volumes of data exported.

Since navigating the complexities of moving away from NetSuite can be a challenging task, our team is here to guide you seamlessly through this process, minimizing disruptions to your operations.

As part of our comprehensive service, we will:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements, helping you identify the specific data that needs to be exported from NetSuite.
  • Provide advice on the optimal platform for exporting your data, considering your unique needs and the volume of data involved.
  • Develop a plan and propose a timeline for initiating the export process to ensure timely completion.
  • Execute the data export process on your behalf, including transferring files from the file cabinet.
  • Train your users on the system where your data will be exported.


At Tvarana, we have successfully implemented numerous projects, assisting clients in exporting data to various platforms, including Amazon RDS and other data warehouses. Let us make your transition away from NetSuite a smooth and efficient experience!

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