The PortalsPro SuiteApp by Tvarana is a secure and unified solution for managing vendors, customers, and employees. This platform comes with a number of helpful features, however, in this blog, we will be taking a deeper dive into the PortalsPro analytics functionality. 


Analytic reports are used to view and analyze onboarding and reassessment data as it moves through various stages of the approval process. 

1. Onboarding and Reassessment

a. Request Submission status:

Users can view a vendor’s Onboarding and Reassessment Request status on the Request Submission Status page. This page shows both the onboarding and reassessment status for each approver, along with the approval list and their approval status. The status will be denoted by color, as shown below. 

portalspro tvarana suiteapp

Yellow – Pending approval 
Red- Rejected
Black – Status has not yet been submitted by the approver
Green – Approved

2. Risk Assessment

a. Risk Assessment Details – All:

To view all Onboarding and Reassessment Records, navigate to the “Risk Assessment Details – All” page.

portalspro suiteapp tvarana


Here, we can see a list of Onboarding and Reassessment Records, along with different filters that users can apply to the list. 

  • Clicking on the “Click Here” hyperlink in the “Record link” column will open a particular record
  • Clicking on the filters section will display all available filters
  • The Onboarding and Reassessment Records can be filtered using the Vendor, Assessment Date, and Assessment Type fields found in the filter section

b. Risk Assessment Details – Recent:

To view recent Onboarding and Reassessment Records, navigate to the “Risk Assessment Details – Recent” page.

  • All the recent onboarding and reassessment data will be available on this page.


  • Click on the record link in the list to open the Onboarding and Reassessment record.
  • Click on the filters section to see the available filters.
  • The Onboarding and Reassessment Records can be filtered using the Assessment Type, Status, Vendor, and Assessment date fields found in the filter section.

3. Profile Change Requests:

The approval status of all Profile Change requests that have been submitted by vendors through the Vendor Portal can be seen in Vendor Profile Change Requests.


By clicking on the view or edit icons of a particular profile change request, users can view, approve, or reject the profile change request made by the vendor.

Visit our PortalsPro page to learn more about the other helpful features that this SuiteApp has to offer. Or, contact us to schedule a demo today!

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