With the increase in dependency of e-commerce websites on Netsuite, the online retail businesses look for creative personalization and automation solutions. The most sought after goal of a marketer has been therefore creating personalized content with an appropriate timing and context.

Online Gift stores need the feature of personalization to enhance the online customer experience. In such a scenario, where each user expects customization of goods with personalized messages, we have used Netsuite. The next obvious functions to scale up such process are message automation and synchronization with actual inventory.


Customization and personalization using Netsuite

Netsuite by itself does not offer a feature to customize products with personalized messages. However, this is an imperative feature for e-commerce websites. Tvarana has helped an online gift store with such a capability – integrated with the existing Netsuite functionalities.

Upload Images

Customers can upload images with personalized messaging. This function is stitched with the storage capabilities within Netsuite. When there are many visitors opting this feature, your system needs to have a robust Netsuite storage . This feature by itself is not available in Netsuite hence, we developed an exclusive feature that can help the customer resize and map the message as the product they choose.

Enhanced customer experience

Apart from uploading images, customers could also get a live preview of the product with the personalized message. Preview before checkout is what made the visitors more sticky to the e-commerce portal.

Netsuite inventory integration

This was also integrated with the inventory management system on Netsuite. All products used for personalization and sale reflected in the inventory records.



How did this increase their revenues?

The feature has been much appreciated by the shoppers of this online gift store. Apart from personalized messages on products, we also personalized messages via email for shoppers who abandoned carts. As soon as someone abandons a cart, our email messaging system raises a personalized message with the specific products of interest to the potential customer.

Our solution included an email schedule that would retarget and remind the shopper about the abandoned products, ensuring mindshare to purchase. These messages were customized and personalized for each shopper, leading to increased stickiness and hence revenues.

With Netsuite, we have been able to provide customized solutions for unique challenges that our clients face. Should you have a need that is not being fulfilled by Netsuite for now, we can always develop a solution that meets your organizational needs.

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