With two decades of experience in the cloud ERP market, NetSuite has gained substantial knowledge of the standard industry-leading practices and processes that are critical to the business operations of its customers. While all customers are unique and require special attention to address certain needs, there is also a vast amount of similarities among most companies within a specific industry. NetSuite assembled those points of similarities and created SuiteSuccess for specific verticals based on solutions used by them respectively.

While addressing multiple requirements from customers who belonged to the same industry, NetSuite determined that rather than starting from scratch, it could bring greater value to its customers by delivering a vertical-specific NetSuite application “SuiteSuccess” that is pre-packaged with standard roles, processes, and reports unique to that industry. SuiteSuccess is an advanced, pre-configured NetSuite dashboard which can be customized and implemented according to clients requirements so that various departments like accounting, marketing, sales etc can be on-boarded in NetSuite ERP in near-zero time margin span and you can start getting optimum benefits from all your resources instantaneously.

Benefits of SuiteSuccess

According to Jim McGeever, Executive VP NetSuite, results from initial 300 customers who signed up with NetSuite over the previous year have already experienced the advantages of SuiteSuccess. Customers are able to save the 60% of time in implementation, and lower implementation cost by 18%.

Few more advantages that a client can get by using SuiteSuccess are

A. Cost-Friendly Implementation

With a 100-day go-live schedule, costs are typically less than a more customized solution. Plus, because pre-configured modules and functionality can be quickly and easily added to the account, implementation expenses can now be spent on high-value add activities that are most important to the business.

B. Re-organize Business Operations

Over time, companies become inefficient. Processes change, businesses are acquired, overhead grows and exceptions to the rule consume greater attention and expense. SuiteSuccess allows companies to compare business operations with other industry norms, manage benchmarking statistics and increase productivity by removing inefficiencies.

C. Phased Deployment

Rather than follow a bulky and laborious approach that could take up to a year or more to implement, SuiteSuccess follows a phased, stepladder approach. This means that customers don’t have to tackle everything at once. Instead, companies focus on building their NetSuite ERP environment in bite-sized deployments that are easier to manage and execute. Customers typically focus on laying the foundation and building business critical functionality in the first phase; incremental phases then focus on optimizing the application and building integrations with other back-office applications.

D. Increased efficiency and Quick results

NetSuite took a holistic approach to the problem that took years for others to implement ERP solutions. It productized domain knowledge, leading practices, KPIs and an agile approach to product adoption and ERP deployment. The benefits of this are a faster time to value, increased business efficiency, flexibility, and greater customer success.

E. Key advantages of SuiteSuccess

  • ERP Go live in 100 days
  • Cloud-based approach
  • Hundreds of pre-built Reports
  • Predictive analytics
  • Variety of eCommerce tools
  • No on-premise fees
  • Global features
  • Customer lifecycle management tools
  • Pre-configured user roles

Features of SuiteSuccess

A. Coverage of Industries

SuiteSuccess is a dynamic application consisting of pre-built solutions, currently offered across eight different industries and 12 verticals within those industries. These solutions are continuously updated to match up to the latest requirements and best practices as implemented across the world.

B. SuiteSuccess editions

Rather than provide one global SuiteSuccess Edition to be leveraged by all companies, NetSuite has gone even further by establishing SuiteSuccess Editions for many different verticals. Each of these Editions is tailored to the specific processes and reporting needs of that industry. For example, a software company is managed and reported on differently than a manufacturer. By utilizing the industry-specific SuiteSuccess offerings, NetSuite ensures that each organization gets the standard best practices and pre-configuration of other businesses in that same industry.

The latest editions in SuiteSuccess module are designed to meet the unique requirements of micro-verticals and span a variety of industries, company sizes in the cloud ERP journey. The SuiteSuccess editions include:

  1. Starter edition: Designed for small-scale companies and industries. It includes finance and accounting, order-to-cash and procure-to-pay modules.
  2. Commerce edition: Designed for retailers and other large-scale e-commerce focused business needs, including website development and order management.
  3. Edition for Technology management: Designed for technology-based companies. It includes project management, sales, order and financial management.
  4. Consulting Services and Consulting Services Emerging: Two new editions designed for consulting services organizations which will cover different stages of growth with finance and accounting, project and resource management modules.
  5. Manufacturing management: Two new SuiteSuccess editions support manufacturers at different stages of production and delivery covering different areas such as inventory, supply chain and order management etc.
  6. Food and Beverage Manufacturer: Designed for food and beverage manufacturers, including features for demand planning, tracking, and traceability.
  7. Advertising, Media, and Publishing: Three new editions designed for agencies, media and entertainment and publisher needs, including features for resource allocation, time and expense, and reporting.
  8. OneWorld, Accounting: Three new editions for existing NetSuite customers are designed to support NetSuite OneWorld and related financial modules which ultimately enhances the capabilities of NetSuite administrators.

C. Business Intelligence

NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess delivers hundreds of pre-built reports and value-driven dashboards developed by taking references from past experiences gained by real-world use of people in roles similar to that Industry.

D. Pre-defined roles

SuiteSuccess provides a set of pre-defined roles to jump start project implementation and tracking of KPI statistics.

E. Agile methodology

SuiteSuccess uses agile implementation methodology that takes customers through a tailored 4 or 5 stages of implementation steps, which begins with a baseline implementation completed within 100 days so that users can start using important features and modules without any break or halt in progression of work, and provide continuous engagement to further optimize adoption according to business needs and new feature releases.
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