Companies in modern day era must be data-driven, innovative and able to scale and respond to market dynamics rapidly. NetSuite OneWorld, a type of Cloud-Based ERP allows you to manage companies with multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities from a single NetSuite account.

NetSuite’s OneWorld ERP offers target solutions for the corporate problems that are important to all level of enterprises and gaining significant attention in the current economy as large enterprises struggle to control costs and gain profits across key business segments.

Modules in NetSuite OneWorld

A. Global ERP

Global ERP helps to manage global back-office operations which deal in multi currency transactions or projects being executed from different countries/subsidiaries in the world.It provides consistent compliant management across the entire organization.

B. Global Services Resource Planning (SRP)

Global SRP helps to manage services business end-to-end lifecycle of your service businesses giving real-time visibility of all individual projects from the corporate level to subsidiary level within all geographies where your organization is present.

C. Global E-commerce

NetSuite OneWorld allows you to manage all your e-commerce activities with multi-brand web stores hosted at global locations around the world from a single NetSuite account. It facilitates managing global websites along with your preference of regional language and currency.

D. Global Business Intelligence

OneWorld provides real-time visibility of your global data across the entire enterprise within single account, enabling unprecedented access to financial, customer and business data imbibed into multiple levels of consolidated reporting displayed in real time on dashboards.

Features of NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld gives you a World without borders. NetSuite OneWorld provides the following features to justify its candidature as the best ERP system to manage all your ERP activities using NetSuite ERP :

1. Manage Global companies using single account

NetSuite OneWorld combines real-time CRM, ERP, and eCommerce information into a single, cloud-based platform, which allows managers to effectively control international operations such as all levels of business, legal, and subsidiary activities using a single account. It facilitates Cross-country management of various transactions such as Billing and invoicing, Quotas, Forecasts, Commissions, Leads, Sales, Payroll etc.

2. Global in features, local in Cost

NetSuite OneWorld is a complete software suitable for all international operations such as ERP, CRM, Real-time cross-country transactions etc, and is available at a fraction of the cost as compared to other on-premises ERP systems. For details on latest pricing of OneWorld modules, please drop in a mail at

3. Business Intelligence reports from multiple entities

NetSuite OneWorld gives a clear understanding of financial and Non-Financial performance across the globe. Powerful financial dashboards display real-time data with live functionalities. Users can customize internal processes and dashboard data insights as per business requirements.

4. Global B2C and B2B ERP Tools

From bid management to compliance management to financial data consolidation, there isn’t any business activity left that NetSuite OneWorld can’t do for global businesses. Normally referred as World’s most preferred ERP tool, operates across every industry and has won awards for its ability to streamline operations with perfection in timely manner. This modern ERP software also offers CRM and PSA options for companies looking to further align departments, such as sales and marketing. Centralized CRM for complex multi-national sales organizations.

5. Tax configuration and Analysis

One challenge of international business is dealing in multiple currencies and under different regulations and tax rules in each territory. While managing compliance and generating reports have traditionally been labor-intensive, NetSuite OneWorld supports a combination of country-specific financial requirements so you are always compliant in each territory in which you are operating. An integrated auditing system tracks and analyses data in real-time while constantly updating transaction documentation. OneWorld allows users to calculate taxes in real-time, from purchase transactions to cross-border sales.

6. Simplified Bookkeeping and Accounts management

NetSuite OneWorld supports multi-currency accounting and bookkeeping. You can perform location-specific payroll, billing, and invoicing without the complications of converting currency. Accounts can be managed at any location and automatically adjusted for currency differences for accuracy. Key features of Account management include Significant reduce in monthly closing time, Local entity and inter-entity reporting, US and International tax support using single Account management. NetSuite OneWorld supports retaining historical rates of currency—providing a faster, accurate close.

7. Managing Multi-National Sales Channels

NetSuite OneWorld provides sales force and partner management automation for global customer and sales team management. Global sales departments can work in teams with counterparts in other countries and with their distributed channel partners. NetSuite Team Selling enables easy tracking of multiple sales participants on customer records and sales transactions. It also allows commission calculation and payment across the sales team.

8. SuiteCloud Connect for Oracle and Integration with Other Technologies

SuiteCloud Connect enables enterprises running NetSuite OneWorld to seamlessly roll up all data to Oracle E-Business Suite at the corporate level. SuiteCloud Connect is based on a number of industry-standard technologies used for systems integration and data migration activities. These interfaces are robust and well-suited for integrating NetSuite OneWorld with other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, particularly in integrating information from various documents such as Journal Entries, Invoices, Time Entries and Expense Reports, Purchase Orders etc

It may be a wise decision to use a NetSuite service provider to take maximum benefits of NetSuite OneWorld with minimal of efforts. If you want to go live on time and under budget, then you can trust Tvarana as we been doing this since more than decades time and we know the ins and outs of OneWorld financial software capabilities. Feel free to send us an email to obtain some affordable rates or additional financial ERP information.

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