Efficient document management and collaboration are the cornerstones of modern business success. Addressing these needs, Tvarana presents the SkyDoc Suiteapp, a sophisticated document management solution. Developed to facilitate internal and external document sharing within the NetSuite framework, SkyDoc offers a comprehensive range of features tailored to enhance operational efficiency.


SkyDoc API

At the core of SkyDoc’s capabilities lies the SkyDoc API. This feature addresses a significant challenge that NetSuite users face: the integration of files from external sources without requiring NetSuite login access. The SkyDoc API circumvents this limitation, enabling frictionless uploading of files from external sources. This process, initiated by activating the “Enable SkyDoc API” checkbox within the SkyDoc Setup page, opens doors to streamlined file management and integration.

netsuite skydoc api

Once the API is enabled, the SkyDoc API URL becomes accessible. This facilitates the process of uploading files into NetSuite. By engaging any API platform application, users can seamlessly transmit file upload requests. All necessary details, including the API restlet URL, JSON schema, file particulars, and record attachments, are conveniently displayed within the interface. With this information in hand, a simple confirmation click triggers the file upload process. The API promptly acknowledges the successful attachment of the file to the designated record.

netsuite skydoc api


As businesses strive for efficiency and collaboration, SkyDoc empowers them to navigate this landscape with ease. By bridging the gap between internal and external document sharing, SkyDoc paves the way for a more connected and streamlined work environment. To learn more about SkyDoc, set up a consultation with us today.

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