In today’s fast-paced business world, effective collaboration and streamlined document management are vital for success. That’s where SkyDoc comes into play – a powerful and efficient collaborative document management application developed by Tvarana. SkyDoc seamlessly integrates NetSuite and AWS, providing a dynamic platform for both internal and external collaboration, making document sharing a breeze.

SkyDoc empowers users with a range of functionalities that simplify the approval, rejection, and signing of files externally through SkyDoc’s external access link. To access the Approve SkyDoc Records page, users simply need to log in to the SkyDoc External access page using their appropriate username and password. Upon successful login, they are directed to the Approve SkyDoc Records page, where all files sent for approval from NetSuite can be conveniently managed.

Approving or rejecting files is a straightforward process on the Approve SkyDoc Records page. Users can easily select desired files from the list and use the corresponding buttons for approval or rejection. The list can also be filtered to display approved, rejected, or pending approval files, making the organization of documents even more efficient.

SkyDoc’s interface offers intuitive buttons that simplify the entire document management process.

  • The “Approve” button enables users to swiftly approve selected files, while the “Reject” button facilitates the rejection of unwanted files.
  • The “Mark/Unmark all” button streamlines the selection or deselection of all files in the list simultaneously.
  • The “Sign” button is a particularly valuable feature, allowing users to sign selected files and automatically updating the “Signed File Link” column with a signed PDF link. This seamless signing process ensures quick and secure approvals.
  • For those in need of locating specific files, the “Search” button proves to be a time-saving tool. By entering a keyword similar to the file’s name, users can swiftly locate the desired document.


SkyDoc NetSuite document management

Navigating to the Upload Files page is just as effortless.

  • A simple click on the “Upload Files” option located in the top right corner of the page redirects users to this section. Here, users can efficiently view and manage all uploaded folders and files.
  • The “Refresh” button is at their disposal, ensuring that the page displays the most up-to-date data. To upload files, users can click on the “Upload files” button, opening a convenient popup that allows them to drag and drop files or select them manually. During the upload process, users have the option to specify the folder and category to which the file belongs, streamlining organization further.
  • SkyDoc’s user-friendly design also features a “New Folder” button, enabling users to create new folders directly from the portal. By selecting a folder from the list, users can view all the files present within that specific folder. And for easy navigation back to the Approve Records page, users can simply click on the “Approve Records” option found in the top right corner.SkyDoc NetSuite document management


With SkyDoc, collaborating on documents, approving files, and organizing data has never been more efficient. Say goodbye to cumbersome document management and embrace the simplicity and power of SkyDoc for all your collaborative needs. Start experiencing seamless document management by setting up a consultation with us today!

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