Bulk Email Invoices by Tvarana, or BEI, is a SuiteApp built on the NetSuite platform designed to streamline the process of generating and dispatching numerous transactional emails, each containing multiple invoice attachments, in addition to an array of other invaluable functionalities. We are announcing an exciting upcoming feature in our latest 2023.2 release. By upgrading your existing Bulk Email Invoices SuiteApp to version 2023.2, you will unlock the remarkable ability to craft personalized dunning templates, strategically tailored to distinct dunning levels for every individual customer. Furthermore, you retain the flexibility to manually initiate these emails or conveniently schedule them for automated dispatch at intervals of your choosing.

To seamlessly implement this enhancement, adhere to the following steps:
1. Access the Customer Record.
2. Handpick the templates aligning with the unique requirements of each customer, ensuring a tailored fit.

NetSuite Bulk Email Invoices

3. Safeguard your selections by saving them.

Subsequently, navigate to the BEI automation interface to configure the parameters:
1. Define the specific number of days preceding the due date.
2. Specify the number of days post the due date.
3. Determine the desired frequency of dunning emails, aligning with your specific needs.

Upon configuring these parameters to your satisfaction, proceed by:
1. Selecting the “Submit” button.

Following this action, an underlying background process will seamlessly commence. This process orchestrates the automatic dispatch of emails to customers and their corresponding contacts, all meticulously employing the customer-designated email templates. This innovation not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures a personalized and effective approach to dunning communications.

To learn more about Bulk Email Invoices for NetSuite, set up a consultation with us today.

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