NetSuite’s first half-yearly release is just around the corner, and it’s going to be a good one! This latest upgrade is scheduled to be released on a rolling basis starting in February and extending into April. Being prepared will help you leverage everything NetSuite 2022.1 has to offer while minimizing disruption to your business. With so many changes coming, the 79Consulting team has narrowed down and highlighted all of the latest features and fixes to make it a whole lot easier for you! (Our upcoming NetSuite 2022.1 release webinar on Feb 23 and 24 will deep dive into all these features.)

Read our top 5 highlights for the new release below:


  • Electronic Bank Payment SuiteApp Enhancements: NetSuite Electronic Bank Payments automates the creation of bank payment files, improving the efficiency of payment and collections processes. With Electronic Bank Payments, users can ensure timely payment of vendor invoices, employee salaries and expenses, and sales commissions. Some of the updates we will see to this SuiteApp are:
    • Bulk update of payment batches
    • Exclude transactions from electronic payments processing
    • Process payments for vendors from primary and secondary banks
    • Process transactions for locked posting periods
    • Payment reversals
    • Rollback and reprocess


  • Newly supported Record Types for CSV Import: CSV import is the most commonly used method for transferring small to medium-sized data sets from other applications into NetSuite. The CSV import process saves time and prevents errors, by submitting data in a CSV (comma-separated value) file. This data can add or update many records at one time, avoiding the need for manual data entry. The following files are now supported under this release:
    • Imported employee expense


  • Pack Station Enhancements: Introduced in the NetSuite 2021.1 release, the Pack Station mobile application creates significant efficiency in outbound fulfillment processes. With it, warehouse workers can scan items as they are being packed, providing customers with information on what items are being shipped in each package. Some of the enhancements to this app are:
    • Bulk packing of items that ship as is
    • Change the weight unit of the carton


(For more detail on these features, please sign up for our NetSuite 2022.1 Release Webinar)


  • Supply Allocation Pop-up Window: Supply Allocation matches inventory supply sources to demand sources, enabling users to meet demand requirements with the right product, amount, and location, by the required date. The Supply Allocation feature can expand inventory commitment calculations to consider future inventory on supply orders in addition to current, on-hand inventory. Allocated Demand and Allocated Supply pop-up windows are now available on the Supply Chain module and will feature the following updates:
    • The allocated demand figure links to a pop-up window on supply order lines
    • Allocated demand figure links to a pop-up window on inventory lines
    • Allocated demand order lines can be sales orders, transfer orders, order reservations, or work orders


  • Warehouse Management Enhancements: NetSuite 2022.1 includes the following Warehouse Management enhancements:
    • The scheduled release of multiple waves
    • Zone picking for single and multiple orders
    • Pick carton reuse
    • ‘Load all’ option to transfer staged items into the cart
    • Item label printing on search inventory


Interested in learning more about what NetSuite 2022.1 has to offer? For a detailed breakdown of features and tips on how to prepare for the new release, sign up for the NetSuite 2022.1 Release Webinar.


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